You might be tempted to ignore 2022's major latest fads, shown on catwalks in September, in pursuit of a 24/7 sweatpants lifestyle as this in-between season becomes more perplexing, with balmy spring days that shift into winter at night. Don't frown just yet, soft clothing is a part of the 2022 style jigsaw, which is fortunate for you. They aren't, however, the only goods on the table. So get ready to be served this season with our carefully curated list of fashion trends that will surely be hotter than the upcoming summer's scorching heat.


The pleated skirt was one of the most wearable styles to emerge from this round of fashion on runways, and while there were a few small versions reminiscent of last summer's favorite tennis skirt, pleated midis are all the rage in this SS22. Aside from that, there are no hard and fast laws. Whether it's printed, simple, colorful, monochromatic, coupled with knitwear, or go together with a bralette, as long as it's pleated, you're good to go.



Super transparent textiles will have a great moment in the sun this spring, maybe best suited to individuals eager to experiment with fashion again after going through the better part of two years in tracksuits. Sheer items may, of course, be skillfully layered to ensure modesty, making this style one of the most adaptable for SS22.



Suiting may have seemed to be out of style for a while, while swaths of the country resorted to working from the comfort of their home in pajamas, but the old classic is back with a fury this season. These outfits, in stark white with show-stopping details like waist ties, contrast black hardware, and prominent shoulders, should make the idea of returning to your regular cubicle a lot more palatable.



Cut-outs aren't quite new. They were one of the most popular trends a few seasons back, but factual proofs are showing they are considerably more of a long-term aesthetic than anyone expected. Isn't that a lovely thing? The more often you're willing to wear an item, the better it is for you and the environment, and with cut-outs – doesn't matter where they are on an item – seems to be going nowhere fast, and you'd be wise to jump on this bandwagon.



Season following season, subdued hues and style androgyny keep getting more attention, but it's been quite some time since super conventionally feminine clothes' appearance caught the industry's eye. Frothy fabrics and lovely pink tones – from pastel to bright, bold shades, rose, and fuchsia – provide an intriguing, whimsical point of contrast in the fashion scene for the summer.


That said, it's also crucial to arrange your outfits around the event's location and weather prediction, despite all these fascinating trends we collected above. The idea is to dress in a way that is both pleasant and functional. We hope our guide has updated you with these SS22 hottest styles. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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