Isn't there something especially lovely about a long daytime dress? There's no simpler (or more convenient!) way to create a style statement than with a classic floral pattern, delicate pleats, vibrant stripes, or lace.

For Summer, we've totally embraced the maxi silhouette; the length instantly makes us feel gorgeous — even when we're simply doing errands — and they seem to suit practically every situation. Have you packed your closet with the most adaptable gowns for the season? If you haven't already, we've put together a celebrity inspiration board to help you locate your favorite, as well as identical outfits you can purchase right now.

Casual flowy maxi dress

Selena Gomez is one of the celebrities who has made maxi dresses into one of her staples every time she makes an appearance outside. She was dressed in a flowing cream-colored dress that came to her ankles. Sel completed the ensemble with chunky sandals with modest heels to ensure that the shoes were visible beneath the lengthy train. To match with the minimalistic outfit, she wore little makeup and accessories, which was the perfect day-to-day type of style for her!


Striped maxi dress

Meghan Markle, too, has been on the maxi dress bandwagon. Meghan embraced the latest fashions even as the Duchess of Sussex, and she demonstrated how to wear a stylish maxi dress in public. Meghan's striped dress embraced her chest and tummy at the top and flowed freely down her legs at the bottom. Her baby belly was visible through the cloth since she wore the outfit when pregnant with her first kid. Meghan looked amazing in these longer dresses, which are a popular pregnant trend. Another kind of texture with slight similarity to stripes is pleated texture. Pleated maxi dresses are also a great choice of outfit for pregnant ladies or women with rounder body shape.


Tight-fit maxi dress

Kendall Jenner, on the other hand, demonstrated how to wear a maxi dress that hugs the body more closely. Her red flowery costume was great for summer, yet it fitted her form considerably better than Selena's or Meghan's. Kendall wore a dress that ran down to her mid-shins rather than her ankles. Instead of heels or wedges, she was able to pull off the outfit with flip-flops. The supermodel wore the fit on a European holiday, and it was ideal for going out and about in the beach town she was visiting!


All-white maxi dress

To rock the feminine style, put on a white maxi featuring ruffle layers with a white hat, mixing with white Chanel purse, and plenty of diamonds to replicate Rachel Zoe's all-white 2011 classic ensemble.


Printed pattern maxi dress

Michelle's patterned maxi dress looks fantastic with a striking cropped denim jacket, wacky sunglasses, and a simple, convenient crossbody bag.

It comes as no surprise that today's trend setters are celebrities. We get our next wardrobe ideas from the press or style guides on the internet, and those ideas are frequently worn by celebrities. The difficult thing isn't obtaining this attire or style; celebrity photographs appear to be everywhere! Finding this suit without the obscene price tag is always the most difficult part. Fortunately, it is becoming simpler to obtain Hollywood fashions at 'you' costs every day. Finding a like-alike item has a number of advantages, including the ability to put your own spin on the appearance; who knows, you could even do it better than Hollywood. We hope our guide has given you inspirations to peek through a few stylish and more affordable versions of popular celeb’s fave maxis to shop for the upcoming Easter Sunday. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!

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