With warmer weather creeping up on us, it’s time we need to have a wardrobe change. People are going out more now that the weather is getting warmer, signaling the return of leg-baring mini dresses. The midi-dress has ruled in recent years, and while longline dresses will continue to be popular, it's time to make place for lower hemlines this summer.

Silk mini dress

Silk dresses have been a staple in many girls’ closets, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Among all lengths, a petite silk mini dress would still make you stand out the most, thanks to its femininity and delicacy. A basic cowl neck dress like the Pawl Dress is the perfect choice for your cocktail party, with spaghetti straps and cowl neckline to enhance your collar bones, this is an easy-to-wear dress that really pulls your outfit together. 

Extravagant mini dress

Every girl needs at least one lavish dress in her wardrobe, a dress that goes all out and screams “She’s here!”. Don’t be shy, we only live once, and there’s only so much time to rock a fancy dress. Get the party started before it begins, with special designs and adornments on the Augustus Dress, or the princess of the event with the Xenia Dress’ lovely bow design. 

Mini work dress

Mini dresses are often seen as unprofessional for work, but with the right designs, those petite dresses can still appear just as competent as conventional ones. A straight-cut dress with its absolutely gorgeous, yet modest floral pattern as the Mailk Wide Sleeves Dress gives you a charming, sleek look without showing any skin. If you’re looking for a more fitted dress to flaunt your skinny waist, the Sandra Fitted Waist Dress is the perfect preppy piece you are looking for.

Patterned and textured mini dress

If simple, minimal mini dresses seem too boring for your taste, spice up your look of the day with some patterns and textures. Besides combining different shades of hues, mixing and matching textures is something many people often look right through. However, with the right mix, textures and patterns can bring such a one-of-a-kind transformation to your outfits. With the highlight being the bowtie line and see-through lace design in the chest, the William Short Sleeves Dress shows both classiness and high-fashion spirit. If you’re looking for some textures that are more over the top, try out the Djimon Dress with puffy sleeves and unique high-quality brocade fabric.

Inspired by the 90s and the ever-popular y2k trend on the rise, leg-baring minis that flare, slit, and hug the hips are coming up for spring and summer. The mini marked a departure from societal standards in terms of dress, and was viewed as a form of rebellion by some. In the modern days of today, mini dresses are a must-have staple in every girl’s closet, doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter time. We hope our guide has brought some refreshing new outfit ideas to the table, so you can give your upcoming spring/summer closet newer, hotter looks. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!




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