With the cyclical nature of fashion, while certain fads come and go, a few key pieces may endure a lifetime. Take, for example, a pair of well-fitting, well-designed pants. The perfect pair will have a special place in your closet for years to come, since they are timeless, stylish, and completely subtle.

When you think of tailored pants, you probably don't think of anything fashionable, trendy, or even appealing. Contrary to popular belief, women's tailored pants, on the other hand, may be rather trendy. Having a pair of professionally cut pants in your closet is a requirement, whether you work in an office or not. They'll undoubtedly come in useful at some time in the future. You'll enjoy having a great pair of tailored pants to depend on when you don't want to bother with a dress or skirt these days, with stylish pants becoming increasingly suitable for semi-formal events like weddings, business dinners, and ceremonies.

Tailored pants come in all shapes and sizes, find out which one suits your style best in our carefully crafted list below.

Straight-cut pants

These trousers feature straight legs that run from the waist to the ankles in a straight line. Unlike cigarette pants, straight-cut pants have a looser fit and look well on virtually everyone.

Pair your appealing straight-cut pants with any shoes with some height, a pair of ankle boots or sky-high stilettos are ideal supporters to elongate your legs. This kind of pants also looks great with ballerina flats or sandals if you already own longer, toned legs. They have a highly adaptable shape and can be worn with practically any top type (if your body is on the more petite side, remember to tuck in your top).

Slim Fit pants

Slim Fit pants, as the name they've got, have a tight fit through the legs, with narrower leg openings at the end. The most fashionable and flattering pants are slim fit trousers, as their shape is a classic that doesn't have to depend on any seasonal trend to show up as stylish. Material wise, slim fit pants are easy to work with, any kind of fabric from jeans to twill, you can embrace your fave slim fit pants made from any kind of fabric.  This look isn't just for slim ladies either. In actuality, body proportion is more important when it comes to rocking a good pair of slim fit pants; for example, if you have both small, shorter legs and a long torso, experimenting with this style of pants might backfire.

High-waisted pants

Pants with a waistband that begins a few inches above the navel are considered high-raised. High-waisted trousers were a huge deal a few years ago, and we don't think they'll go out of style anytime soon! High-raised pants are very flexible for your outfit styling, as the leg ending can be designed as flared or very slender.

Not to be biased, but this kind of pants is one of our favorites, since it accentuates your waist and makes it easy to attain an hourglass figure. For a night out, go for a cropped top that shows a bit of skin to capture that someone special's attention, or match your high-waisted pants with a transparent, lacy camisole. When it comes to professional attire, we prefer high-waisted trousers with a turtleneck or a sophisticated top with ruffles or accent colors for the office.

Wide-leg pants

Wide-leg pants are among one of the interesting styles. It's a pair of pants with voluminous legs that give the impression of being a skirt! Consider that buy 1 get 2! This style of pants is highly adjustable, with the hemline ending can range anywhere from just below the knee to just above the ankle. Some styles can also be designed with pleats on the legs to give an illusion of a pleated skirt. 

Nothing beats a pair of wide-leg trousers paired with strappy, barely-there heeled shoes, or a set of flat gladiator sandals for an edgier vibe. You can quickly change up your style by switching out your top — matching these pants with a cropped top with off shoulders allows you to stay comfy while looking cute for Sunday brunch, and combining wide-leg pants with a sleeveless, button-down is optimal for business days.

With the right cut of fitted pants, your outfit will be transformed entirely, you can even customize your looks daily to play around with different styles and vibes. We hope our guide has given you some stylish inspirations so you know what to look for when shopping for your perfect pair of pants. Join our fashion journey this exciting new season by following us on Facebook and Instagram, and stay tuned for chicest fashion updates every week!


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